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 We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do.

That's why we take a biological approach to nutrient delivery, creation, and absorption.

Our focus is to provide growers with fertilizers that

 promote plant health, soil microbial diversity and improved margins.

DankYield Premium, All-Natural, and Organic Fertilizer


Natural nutrients, biological solutions.


DankYield was developed in a quest for better stewardship of the plants, animals and people that surround us. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to growers that will help increase operational margin with less of an environmental footprint. That’s why we take a biological approach to nutrient creation, delivery and absorption. Feeding your plants is just as important to us as promoting and protecting your soil, water, and people.


Sustainability and profitability are core values at DankYield, and we believe that together we can become better stewards of the resources that we share. 

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