Invite DankYield into your home with confidence. 

Healthier soils genrate nutrients naturally

Healthier soils generate nutrients naturally, so your plants can maximize their current nutritional program. Feed your soil so it maintains biological diversity, and your soil will feed your plants. 

Focus on soil health. 

roots, vegetative growth, and fruit growth

We promote roots, vegetative growth, and fruit growth using different blends engineered for different stages of plant growth. A "one size fits all" approach to fertilizer limits your plant's growing abilities. DankYield targets each stage of growth to maximize growing potential.

Give your plants what they need, when they need it.

organic materials, beneficial bacteia and fungi

The combination of organic materials, beneficial bacteria, and fungi create unique synergies to maximize your plant's genetic potential. These all-natural ingredients keep your plants thriving while also promoting and protecting the soil, water, and yourself. 

Choose all-natural nutrients for healthier plants, healthier people.

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