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  • How do I apply DankYield?
    Apply DankYield by spraying on foliage or soil, in irrigation lines, drip irrigation lines, in furrow, in overhead or underground irrigation systems as well as through injection boxes. Small applications may be applied with a watering can, bucket, or hose end sprayer.
  • Is DankYield certified organic?
    Although DankYield blends contian only organic ingredients, we have not undergone the process of gaining USDA Organic Certification.
  • What is DankYield made of?
    DankYield is derived from all-natural nutrients. DankYield is created with a fish base using a combination of organic materials, beneficial bacteria, and fungi that create unique synergies to maximize your plant's genetic potential. To learn more specifics, visit our products page to read ingredient labels.
  • I want to improve my soil health. Which products do you recommend?
    Healthier soils generate nutrients naturally, so your plants can maximize their current nutritional program. Feed your soil so it maintains biological diversity, and your soil will feed your plants. The best products for improving soil health are Furrow Maxx and Humi-Zyme. Furrow Maxx is a stand alone liquid blend to be used at planting. Humi-Zyme can be mixed with any liquid blend, working as a probiotic for your soil all season long.
  • Is DankYield concentrated?
    Yes! We generally recommend a starting dilution ratio of 1 ounce DankYield to 1 gallon of water. As you become familar using our product on your specific plant species under your growing conditions and watering cycle, you may decide to change these rates to improve results. Make SMALL adjustments as you adjust dilution rates. Example 1: A green house grower is watering flowers every day. They may choose to dilute 1 ounce of DankYield per every 10 gallons water. Example 2: A medical cannabis cultivator is watering twice a week. They may choose to dilute 1 ounce DankYield per every 1 gallon of water and apply every other watering. Example 3: A large produce farmer is spraying three times per year. They may want to apply 5 gallons of DankYield per acre. They may choose to dilute 5 gallons of DankYield per 100 gallons of water and make 3 application per year.
  • DankYield is made from fish. Yuck! Does it smell?
    DankYield is packed full of natural nutrients, many of which are derived from fish. But don't worry! Our fertilizers are blended with molasses, a natural deoderizor. DankYield fertilizers have a "natural" odor, but it's one that your plants will love!
  • My pet ate DankYield. What do I do?
    We recommend keeping it out of the reach of your pets. However, due to the natural and organic ingredients in DankYield, animals have not shown any adverse side effects after consumption. Under the event that they consume fertilizer, monitor them closely and give them access to plenty of water.
  • Where can I purchase DankYield?
    All DankYield products can be purchased via our products page on our website. A limited selection of DankYield products are also sold at the Sioux Falls Farmer's Market (Sioux Falls, SD) as well as at Medary Acres in Brookings, SD.
  • I mixed a batch of fertilizer and have some leftover. Can I use it later?
    We recommend only mixing enough fertilizer for one application. Do not store the left over mixture. Discard or better yet, offer to fertilize your neighbors plants!
  • How do I store liquid fertilizer? Will it ever go bad?
    DankYield fertilizers should be stored in a dark, cool place. If stored properly, DankYield can be used for up to a year for maximum results.
  • How do I know which blend is right for me?
    View our product cheat sheet to learn more!
  • Can I freeze DankYield?
    Yes, you can freeze DankYield without adverse effects.
  • I saw my friend wearing a dank t-shirt. Where can I buy DankYield apparel!?
    We recommend you always grow in style. Shop here!
  • What is the best time of day to fertilize my plants?
    Apply DankYield early in the morning or late in the evening to maximize nutrient absorption.





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